BIKE TAG Bottle Mount for AirTag


BOTTLE MOUNT is an AirTag holder that mounts to the bike frame?™s water bottle attachment points, and can fit underneath a standard bottle cage. The two parts bolt together and directly attach to the bike frame to make a secure housing for your AirTag.
The BOTTLE MOUNT design works on most standard frames. Attaching a bottle cage on top of the holder will make the placement of your AirTag even more discreet.


Easily Hidden

If you place a bottle holder on top of your BOTTLE MOUNT AirTag holder then it will be hidden from view.

Secure Hold

The BOTTLE MOUNT was built with 360º protection and also screws directly into your bike, making sure your AirTag stays secure.

Easy to Mount

Easy to assemble and mount onto the bike's frame. Fits most standard bike bottle mounts.


  • ABS
Material Composition
  • ABS 100%
Product Dimensions
  • 37.76 x 94.85 x 15.45mm


Customer Reviews

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Justin Nusca
Exactly What I Needed

Was looking for a relatively secure and discrete way to mount an AirTag on my bike.

This doesn’t call attention to itself (except when the tag itself chimes!) and can be hidden under a water bottle mount (or in my case, a mount for a folding lock).

My bike’s brackets for mounting were slightly smaller spaced than the holes provided on the AirTag holder, but it works just fine in the adjacent slots.