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LAUT-HUEX ELEMENTS for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS


Go marvelous with this HUEX ELEMENTS Marble case. Get ready to hear ?œWOW??from the crowd when you hold this HUEX ELEMENTS Marble case. Having taken some of the most aesthetically...
LAUT-MINERAL GLASS for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS


Go beyond natural with this MINERAL GLASS case. MINERAL GLASS case is born to rock. Beautifully rich natural rock patterns engraved artistically on the back, it softly exudes the premium...
LAUT-UNICORNS for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS

UNICORNS for iPhone XS

I believe in Unicorns - do you? Unicorns, rainbows, and fluffy white clouds - what's not to like? Time to hop on the fantastical journey with this UNICORNS case. The...
LAUT-PINNACLE for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS

PINNACLE for iPhone XS

Immerse yourself in nature with PINNACLE. Time to enjoy the beauty of nature with PINNACLE. Built from the 100% natural wood, PINNACLE delivers you the real feeling and look of...
LAUT-TUTTI FRUTTI for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS


Scratch & Sniff - pick your fruit with our revolutionary TUTTI FRUTTI series. LAUT is not only striving to deliver fashionable and functional tech solutions, but also dedicated to bring...
LAUT-OMG! for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS

OMG! for iPhone XS

Say it out loud ?œOMG?? O-M-G!! That?™s correct, at Laut, we are offering you the OMG!. Go bright, confident, and daring with this OMG case. This bold graphic case stands...
LAUT-VENTURE for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS

VENTURE for iPhone XS

Never let your phone slip through your fingers with the VENTURE case, ever. Get urban with the VENTURE!! At Laut, we have developed a unique fabric moulding process to wrap...
LAUT-L-O-V-E for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS

L-O-V-E for iPhone XS

Share your LOVE. Fancy a daring, chic and vibrant tech solution for your phone? Introducing the perfect option for you - LOVE, with the exquisite embroidery design, you will always...
LAUT-CONFETTI Series for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS

CONFETTI Series for iPhone XS

Shake it like you mean it! Glitter lovers, attention please! This LIQUID GLITTER series here is ready to turn your world into something fancy and magical. Having six different glittering...
LAUT-LUME for iPhone XS-Case-For iPhone XS

LUME for iPhone XS

Ease your mind from scratches and bulk with LUME. Overwhelmed with all the bright and colourful fashion cases??Looking to keep it simple? Well look no further - at LAUT we...
LAUT-PRIME PRIVACY for iPhone XS-Screen Protector-For iPhone XS


PRIME PRIVACY Screen Protection Glass offers the ultimate protection and fantastic privacy from wandering eyes. Made from shatter resistant tempered glass, it provides a great defence against sharp objects that...
LAUT-PRESTIGE Necklace Sleeve-Case-Universal

PRESTIGE Necklace Sleeve

Introducing the Prestige Necklace Sleeve - a whole new way to carry your Phone. These days your phone goes with you everywhere, yet somehow we still find ourselves misplacing it,...