LAUT-GLITTER FLORAL for iPhone XS Max-Case-For iPhone XS Max
LAUT-GLITTER FLORAL for iPhone XS Max-Case-For iPhone XS Max
LAUT-GLITTER FLORAL for iPhone XS Max-Case-For iPhone XS Max



Capture glittery shine among vibrant blossoming flowers with this GLITTER FLORAL design.

Flower lovers?? Look no further, the Laut GLITTER FLORAL case can easily turn anyone into a florist. With the colorful and lively blooming flowers, we are adding a touch of freshness and life onto your device. Metallic details traverse the back-shell into a classic fashion statement. Crafted with soft thermoplastic polyurethane and hard polycarbonate shell, it?™s also extremely durable. The GLITTER FLORAL provides an all-around 360° protection to wrap your phone in safety. Who says the case can?™t be sassy and protective all at once?

Note: Having been tested by professionals and passed all the safety tests, materials and glitter in this Liquid glitter case is absolutely safe to you. Enjoy the case and leave the safety work to us!

- Durable TPU & PC

- Blooming Flowers with Highly Reflective Glitter

- Subtle Metallic Details

- Style and Protection all in one

- Qi wireless charger compatible


    Durable TPU & PC

    Made from TPU & PC, it offers your phone the protection it needs and durability thats built to last.

    Blooming Flowers with Highly Reflective Glitter

    Featuring a vibrant floral design, this Glitter Floral case delivers a refreshing feeling as if you were in a pleasant garden. The reflective glitter, blended subtly in pretty flowers, moves freely in the case. Create your dreamy world with this Liquid Glitter case and let it shine upon your world 24X7.

    Subtle Metallic Details

    With the subtle metallic details finishing in the flowers, it upgrades your style effortlessly - subtle but powerful.

    Style and Protection in One

    Featuring two layers - a hard back shell and a soft inner layer - it’s got your device fully covered and protects it from all angles. There is a small space between the screen and the case - which will protect your screen carefully. Let the case do its job.

    Compatible with Wireless Chargers

    Designed with wireless charging in mind, this case is thin enough to be compatible with LAUT Qi™ Base Wireless charger or other wireless chargers in the market. Keep your case on while wireless charging your phone.


  • Soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • Hard polycarbonate (PC)
Material Composition
  • PC 50%, TPU 30%, Facial Oil 20%