Compatibility Guide

Compatibility Guide

Get the right fit for your Apple device!

With so many Apple devices and cases out there, it is important to be sure that you are ordering the correct case size for your device. In this blog, we are going to show you where to find accurate information about your device size, and how to use it to choose the right case for you!


iPad Models

iPad on a blue background, with the back of the iPad magnified to show where it says the model number.

You can read more about iPad models and case selection in this link. This method uses the model number found on the back of your iPad. You can also find info about your iPad model in your settings by following these dropdown menus. Settings > General > About.

Computer Models

a MacBook upside down on a pink background with a magnified section showing where to find the model number for the MacBook

You can read more about computer models and case selection in this link. This method uses finding the model number on the bottom of your MacBook. You can also find this in your MacBook by selecting the Apple logo on the top left of your screen and then select > “About This Mac.” A pop up window will appear where you can find the serial number. From there, you can copy and paste this serial number into Apple Check Coverage to find the exact model number and other useful information about your MacBook device.

iPhone Models

two iPhones one on a black background, another on a white background. They show how inside the Setting and General and About tab you can see the model number and model type for the iPhone


Before buying an iPhone case, you should check for the correct model name of your phone.. You can find out exactly what your iPhone model’s name is in the settings area on your phone by following these dropdown menus, Settings > General > About. Once you've determined which model of iPhone you're shopping for and a case style, you can select the proper case size and color on our iPhone case product pages.

Apple Watch Strap

One photo shows what the Apple Watch App looks like, and the second photo shows an arm with an Apple Watch and the About section up. Both show where to find the model number for the Apple Watch

Before you buy an Apple Watch Strap you should check the length compatibility so that you purchase the correct strap for your wrist, and for your Apple Watch. For checking the Model of your Apple Watch, open your Apple Watch app on your phone, and click on “My Watch” and then General > About. Next to “Model” you will see a number that begins with an A, that is your model number. You can then search for that number on this Apple Watch Size Sheet to find if your model is 40mm or 44mm.

To check the size of your wrist, you’ll need a piece of string or twine, and a ruler. First, wrap the string around your wrist so that it fits comfortably, and mark (or cut) it to the size of your wrist. Next, measure it against a ruler to see the exact length. For your convenience, on each of the Apple Watch detail pages there is a size guide that shows the minimum and maximum length each LAUT watch strap can accommodate.

If you have any questions about any of these size accommodations, please email us at the respective email to the region where you live.

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